Planning a Cultural Road Trip

Cultural road trips can span the globe and run the gamut from civil war battlefields to the Welsh traditions involving the saints and goddesses of Bluestone Wales to old west ghost towns, art museums, museums of science and industry and theaters. All historical, all cultural.

Music Can Say A Lot About Our Culture

When students and experts want to look at a civilizations culture, they will frequently study the music that they listened to, have worshiped with and performed. Music and theater culture have called the Jones Beach Theatre home for decades—just over eight decades to be exact. The architecture, which has changed somewhat through the years, is an amazing feat of the combined considerations of shelter, sound and space utilization. Seating capacity has been increased twice through the years and an additional stage was added with a seemingly minimal 5000 seats.

A Lot Has Changed Through The Years

The seating capacity at the Jones Beach Theatre is not the only thing that has changed through the years however. That stage has seen the likes of Guy Lombardo in its opening years through operas, plays and some of the biggest names in heavy metal, country, hip-pop and good old fashioned rock and roll music history.
And when your head is full of all the cultural aspects of this amazing example of human know how and technology, you can cool your heels with a swim on the beach.


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