What’s Up With Welker?

If you thought there were problems with the NFL refs, wait until you hear what 32-year-old Wes Welker and the Pats are up to! But don’t put off buying your New England Patriots Tickets until after the results come in; you could end up being the loser on that one.


So Wes, You Want HOW MUCH?


In order to franchise this player for the upcoming year the Pats would have to shell out over $11.40 million. Aaron Hernandez should see as many passes if not more this season than ol’ Wes. But Wes has performed exceptionally in his 6 years with the Pats and there’s no reason that his next season should be any different…unless of course his ‘advanced’ age is starting to take its toll. Old or veteran players are far more expensive than fresh, new, impressionable, talented rookies. Then again the vets know the game plans and plays. They are most often far more disciplined than the young immature rookies. They (optimally) make fewer mistakes.


Wes Has 2012 in the Bag


Whereas Wes has signed short term with New England they are reportedly worlds apart on coming to some kind of common ground concerning anything long-term. Small wonder at the price tag! With Hernandez, Brady has a reliable receiver. But as we all know (or are led to believe) 1 player does not an NFL team make. Tom Brady can’t simply rely on one go-to guy. And the longer Brady has to hold onto the ball, the more he is in danger. Brady himself isn’t getting any younger and every single time that he ends up on the ground is going to start taking its toll. He beats Wes at 35 years of age. I know that doesn’t seem fair to people who don’t understand the aging process in professional football. But the punishment that these guys subject their bodies to in practice and particularly on the field (where the hits are for real) begins to take its toll early on.


At 25 years of age a man’s muscle tone peaks and then continues (until age 50) to decrease every decade by 4%. Quickness, power, speed, strength and more lessen. The ability to change direction, balance, the ability to pick and slide, run vision and quickness through that ever elusive hole are key factors that Wes must still possess if he wants to keep up with the youngsters.

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